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Miami, FL Studio
1666 Kennedy Causeway
Suite 200
North Bay Village, FL 33141

Orlando, FL Studio
4303 Vineland Rd. #F4
5 minutes from
I-4 and FL Turnpike



                             Satellite News and Production Vehicle                          


Satellite News and Production Vehicle
Equipment and Capabilities

Satellite Uplink Package
Digital 4:2:2 or Analog Transmission

ChannelMaster Type accepted Tx/Rx 1.8m offset antenna with RSI Hydraulic rapid deploy mount.  Custom 2 port feed and motorized polarization.  Flux gate compass and pendulum inclinometer for rapid satellite acquisition.

RF Package
2 each 300w, Xicom TWTA

Digital Encoders and Modulators
2 each Tiernan TE- 6 Mpeg DVB 4:2:2 encoders with SDI inputs and 4 channel audio, maximum data rate 53M/b
2 each Newtec DVB2077 DVB Modulators with QPSK or 8PSK, maximum data rate 41m/b

Receivers and IRDs
2 each Standard Communications IRD-1 analog and videocipher receivers
2 each Standard Communications 422CI DVB receiver
Coship 2000G DVB FTA receiver

Upconverters and Exciters
2 each LNR Upconverters. 
2 each Scientific Atlanta 7755A analog exciters.

Production Package

4 cameras BetaSP or non linear editing and graphics

Sony BVS 3100 10 input switcher with DSK Chroma and linear key.  Borderline outline and DS.  Positioner with aspect and variable mask.

2 each Sigma Electronics 1X10 audio video breakaway path routers
PESA Bobcat 16X2 audio video breakaway tape and edit router
Target 10X1 video monitor router

Sony PVM 411 4X4" B/W Camera source monitors
Panasonic WV-BM500 3X5" B/W VTR source monitors
2 each Barco CVM-12 Program monitor
Barco CVS-12 Graphics C/G compose monitor
2 each Sony BVM 8045Q SDI Path monitors
2 each Sony PVM 8040 Graphics preview
2 each Sony PVW 8044Q Edit VTR monitors
Videotek TVM 701 WFM/V-scope
DPS-Personal V-scope WFM/V-scope rasterizer

Ampex CVR-70 BetaSP edit recorder (Sony BVW-70 equivalent)
BTS BCB 2650 BetaSP edit source player with DT slomo (Sony PVW 2650 equivalent)
Sony SLVD 100 DVD/VHS player recorder
Available additional recorders
Sony BVW-35 BetaSP recorder
Sony BVW-5 BetaSP recorder

Graphics CG and Non-Linear
Newtek VT4000 Flyer Graphics computer with CG Paint and 3D and non linear editing

Additional Production Equipment
Snell and Wilcox ME 8700 Standards Converter
Novatrol II Dual TBC Frame Sync
CA GPS timecode clock with Horita MTD-100 timecode readout

Test and Terminal
Sigma SPG 465 Sync and color bar generator
2 each Sigma System 500 video DA racks with 16 1X6 Video DAs and 4 BBG black burst modules
3 each ADC video patch bays 24X2
Videotek TVM 701 WFM/V-scopeDPS Personal V-scope WFM/V-scope rasterizers







Behrenger MX 2642 4 buss 26 input audio mixer
Ashly LX-308 Edit source mixer 8X2
2 each U.S. Audio Mx-5S Path Mixers 5X2
U.S. Audio Mx-8 Monitor mixer
Crown D-75 Monitor Amp
RCA 6X2 Program Monitor Speakers
Clearcom 1021 edit audio monitor system
15 each Leitch FR-882 Stereo Audio DAs
3 Neutrik TT stereo 2X2X24 audio patch bays

Additional Audio Equipment
2 each Lectrosonic CR-185 Wireless mics
Shure M-267 field mixer
2 each EV 635 HH mics
2 each Sony ECM55 Lapel mics

Communications and Telephone
RTS PS10 2 channel intercom powersupply
RTS RMS-300 User station with goosneck mic and speaker
3 each RM300 rackmount user station
5 each RTS BP 300 beltpack
2 each RTS WM 300 producer stations
10 TTI Headsets
Clearcom PIC 4000 IFB controller
3 each Clearcom Ma 4 Interrupt controllers
4 each Clearcom TR-50 talent receivers
4 each Sony Ericsson t-62 u GAIT cellphones Analog GSM TDMA
4 each dial tone couplers
RTS TWI 326 PL phone hybrid
Gentner SPH 3A IFB coupler
Telos 100 hybrid coupler
Telos 1 hybrid coupler
6 each telephone sets
24 point RJ11 patch bay
Telex IFB monitor

Additional Communication Equipment
Telex wireless IFB with 4 receivers
Comtek wireless IFB with 8 receivers